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The Pros and Cons of a Metal Dog X Pen vs. Plastic

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dog x pen

If you're anything like us there's little doubt you like your dog more than most people. So when thinking about a dog x pen, or exercise pen, we want to make sure our dogs have the best in comfort and safety. 

With different metal and plastic options, many dog owners wonder which is the best. And they know that using a crate or a pen can help train dogs and make them happier.  

Make sure you get the best product for your dog when buying a dog x pen. Take these factors into account and you'll have the perfect fit for your dog:

The Size Of Your Dog 

One thing some dog owners don't realize is that a pen or crate can actually too big for a dog. As they are getting used to the dog x pen they may prefer a smaller area to grow accustomed to the environment.

Of course, you also don't want to go too small for your dog's needs. The right products mean using a sizing chart for the needs of your dog.

Make sure you know how to take accurate measurements of your dog. Plus, you will want to plan ahead. 

If you know your dog is set to grow, or that you will be using the dog x pen for more than one dog, plan accordingly.

The Strength of Your Dog 

On the other hand, a larger and stronger dog may be able to break and chew through a plastic crate. If you have one of the larger breeds you may want to opt for a metal dog x pen.

These pens come with the option of a cover so you can be sure that your dog will be secure and safe in the pen as well.  

Is It Expandable?

For dog owners with puppies who are just starting to experiment with having a dog pen, they may want the ability to expand. 

Some plastic pens are expandable solutions for inside or outside the home. As the needs of your dogs change you can buy additional sections and make the pen larger. 


Different owners have different reasons for purchasing a pen for their dog. You may want to give your dog more fresh air, sequester a section of your home, or help train them in a pen. 

Depending on your needs you may want to opt for a metal or a plastic version. Lightweight metal pens are often used to allow puppies time to run and play indoors and out. 

On the other hand, a soft pen allows you to bring your puppy along and have time to play and move rather than remaining in a crate. 

Your Dog Breed

Different breeds are known for different levels of activity. It isn't enough to plan for your size and strength based on the breed of your dog when selecting a pen. 

No matter the breed of your dog the experts will have something to say about their needs and level of activity. 

Amount of Dogs  

Breeders and dog owners face a different issue when choosing a pen for their dogs and puppies. It can be more difficult to factor in the activity of 2 or more dogs.  

It isn't always true that 2 dogs need twice as much space. Also, all dog owners know that sometimes 2 dogs equals 10 times the activity.  

With the playing and running and activity, you may need a more durable pen. Often times dog owners with multiple dogs opt for a metal pen.

You can section off areas inside the pen to keep the dogs separate at times. Or make the pen smaller so puppies grow into the pen over time.

As with the other aspects of buying a pen, there are durable plastic versions. But the chewing and running of multiple dogs may be better served by a metal pen.

Travel Considerations 

Are you spending a lot of time on the road with your pooch? Do you plan to?

For dog owners who plan to spend a lot of time traveling, they need to consider the ease of breaking down and setting up their pen. 

If you plan on bringing your pet on your next trip it may be wise to opt for a soft dog x pen. These soft sided pens allow for comfort and a great ease of setup. 

They are lightweight and easy to fold and travel with. While some metal pens are foldable and can be transported easily, they still have metal edges and surface to contend with.

Dog owners who travel frequently will have an easier time with plastic or soft pens. 

Location of Your Dog X Pen 

One of the most important questions you can ask prior to purchase is where you plan on using your dog x pen. Depending on outside use or indoor use you may find plastic or metal best addresses your needs.

Plus, you want to take into account your geographical location. If you live in one of the wettest places in the United States, like Seattle, you need to consider issues of rust. 

Traditionally a metal pen might be considered more able to endure the elements. But today's heavy duty plastic can handle a beating too. 

Find the Best 

Whether you decide on a metal or a plastic pen you want the very best for your companion. Staying safe means picking a pen that is the right size and the right materials. 

The last thing you want is an uncomfortable pet. Choosing a metal or a plastic pen will be based on the chewing habits, breed, and needs of your pet. 

What could be better than having a happy and healthy dog that enjoys time in the pen you selected especially for them?

Finding the best means factoring all your options. PetCratesDirect can help.

We offer crates, pens, and all the accessories you need to keep your dog happy and healthy. Don't wait to find the perfect pen for your pet.

Shop our collection of crates and pens now and find the best match.

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